Expertise & Highlights

  • Created and refined a strategic hiring process that, over three years, increased organizational staff diversity from 10% People of Color (POC) to 40%. In same period, increased POC and women in executive leadership from 0% to 50%. And increased women on the engineering team from 0% to 50%.

  • Scaled a fully onsite workforce to one with staff living and working in 10 states, and a global board with members in 4 countries.

  • Transitioned to unlimited days off for staff.

  • Expanded and integrated a "cradle-to-grave" family leave policy with structured departure and re-entry process.

  • Transitioned organization to a Professional Employer Organization.

  • Introduced and evolved the Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) framework to increase accountability and alignment across teams and organization.

  • Launched all-staff anti-racism/oppression/bias trainings and processes in organization.

  • Transitioned to four-person, non-hierarchical shared leadership team

  • Built an hourly pay structure that is humane, respectful, and trusting.

  • Managed multiple change initiates including a total office renovation that unplugged people from stationary systems and built a physical workplace supportive of a variety of work styles.

  • Acquired and integrated a for-profit company into a non-profit entity.

  • Produced annual "all hands" gathering and trainings.

  • Created publicly available employee handbook available at How We Work: A Guide to Working at Fractured Atlas.

  • Created a core curriculum program for all new staff onboarding

  • Launched a Strategic HR Bootcamp for those working in the cultural sector.

  • Read more about just one year of changes



Nicola Carpenter

Nicola works on the People team at Fractured Atlas, where she finds ways for tools and processes to better align with the organization’s purpose. She believes in tools so much that she sets personal OKRs every quarter. At Fractured Atlas she is also the White Caucus Liaison, as part of the organization’s race-based caucusing. Prior to joining Fractured Atlas, Nicola worked for a variety of arts organizations including MoMA PS1, Walker Art Center, and Heidelberger Kunstverein, and she still has a particular love for museums. Originally from Minneapolis, she received a BFA in Art from the University of Minnesota and continues to stay creative through knitting and sewing clothes. She is currently in too many book clubs, but still somehow finds time to read books about organizational culture for fun.

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Tim Cynova

Tim spends his time assisting teams and organizations with the things they need to create innovative workplaces where people thrive. He is a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), a trained mediator, on faculty at Banff Centre for Arts & Creativity and New York's The New School teaching courses in Strategic HR and Leadership & Team Building. He is a certified trainer of the Crucial Conversations and What Motivates Me frameworks, and is a firm believer that Work. Shouldn't. Suck. He currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Fractured Atlas (where he is a member of the organization’s four-person, non-hierarchical shared leadership team). Prior to that, Tim was the Executive Director of The Parsons Dance Company and of High 5 Tickets to the Arts, had a memorable stint with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, was a one-time classical trombonist, musicologist, and for five years in his youth he delivered newspapers for the Evansville Courier-Press. Also, during a particularly slow summer, he bicycled across the United States.

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Jillian Wright

Jillian Wright is a member of the People and Finance teams at Fractured Atlas, and joined the organization in 2010. As Senior Director of People Operations, Jillian manages the company payroll and benefits, and assists in the organization's strategic HR efforts. As Controller, she manages and oversees all financial procedures and policies for the organization, as well as supervises compliance reporting including the annual organizational audit. Prior to Fractured Atlas, she worked in arts management and accounting for Stephen Petronio Company, Robert Battle’s Battleworks Dance Company, The Center for Kinesthetic Education, and The Diller-Quaile School of Music. In her spare time, Jillian enjoys taking ballet class, gardening, and hiking with her family. Jillian is a certified Professional in Human Resources (PHR).

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