Assisting Teams & Organizations with “The How” of Creating Diverse, Inclusive, and Equitable Workplaces.

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Recruitment & hiring

Recruiting and hiring great people who help move your organization forward isn't just about posting the job opening in the right places.  

alignment & accountability

If you don't know where you're going, you'll have a tough time knowing if and when you get there. 

anti-Racism & anti-oppression efforts

Building diverse, inclusive, and equitable organizations helps our sector in more ways than we can imagine.

Remote work & virtual team arrangements

Building great teams, and creating places where they can do their best work and thrive, recognizes that flexibility in how and where people work is a key factor to their success. It's not a cure-all though and requires thought, planning, and intentionality.

engaging in healthy conflict

The ability to engage in healthy conflict is one of the key tenants of high-performing teams and organizations, yet, most of us are bad at doing it and/or outright avoid it. We get better at recognizing what will lead to conflict and avoid it rather than better at engaging in healthy, productive conflict.

Alternative Organizational structures

Hierarchical organizations were created to coordinate military operations and massive corporations. They might not be the best approach for a 10-person nonprofit aspiring to operate in an inclusive and equitable way.

staff professional development

Our people are our competitive advantage. Continually working to level up their skills differentiates those organizations who thrive and those who stall.

creating shared purpose culture

Shared purpose company culture is what changes the world. Too many of us are stalled at shared employer or shared identity, without strategies for leveling-up.

recognition, benefits, and perks

"Learning to earn a paycheck" isn't a viable strategy to recognize and retain great people.