Tips, Toolkits, and Templates

There’s no need for you to reinvent the wheel. Leverage what others have done, and then tweak it to fit your team and organization. Whether you dive into the rabbit hole of resources we’ve found useful, or borrow some that we created, below are a few things to get you going.


HR 101


We compiled an exhaustive list of our favorite Strategic HR thought leaders, books, videos, courses, and resources. The list includes everything from straight forward tutorials to more in-depth skill training. There's something for everyone from the accidental HR administrator to those who have been in the field for years and want to continue their learning journey.


Anti-Racism Resources

Resources for White People to Learn & Talk About Race & Racism

As the White Caucus Liaison at Fractured Atlas, I’m often asked about resources that the Fractured Atlas White Caucus reads and discusses. Many of these resources were gathered by Tiffany Wilhelm, the White Caucus Guest Facilitator from July through December 2017, and others were picked up from a variety of other places. This is not meant to be a complete list, but rather a jumping-off point for white people to teach themselves about Race and Racism, and to get a sense for the kinds of things the Fractured Atlas White Caucus has been reading/watching/listening.

Alignment & Accountability

The Objectives & Key Results framework helps teams and organizations align goals for a set period of time in a transparent and connected way. Learn more about how to implement the OKR framework in an organization, and download a handy template to get you started.

negative interactions.png

Negative Interactions Guide

Working to create and maintain an anti-racist, anti-oppressive workplace requires being proactive to address when personal interactions go against that commitment. What do we do if a customer is saying harmful things to a person providing service? What do we do if a customer is engaging in abusive behavior? What do we do if a customer is gaslighting a staff member by being harmful to them, denying any negative behavior, and being overly pleasant to a different staff member? How do we take care of staff by acknowledging and minimizing the emotional labor involved in managing harmful interactions? The Fractured Atlas Program team developed the negative interactions guide for our organization.


Tools for Communicating with Virtual Teams

When you aren’t all sitting in the same room at the same time, what tools can teams and organizations use to communicate with each other? This handy guide details how and when to tools like Slack and Flowdock, Zoom video calls, email, Basecamp, and messenger pigeon. (Actually, I don’t think we include messenger pigeon in this post.)


Prepping for Parental Leave

This guide walks you through the process of preparing for a team member’s parental leave. How do you identify and divvy up tasks while they’re on leave? And how can you make sure their re-entry is a smooth as possible.


How to Hire: A Primer

Identifying and hiring the best people for your team is crucial to creating and maintaining high-performing organizations. The right hire can contribute exponentially. The wrong hire can leave everyone demoralized and banging their heads against the wall. This primer will help you think through what you can do to increase the chances of success.